Tallinn Guide club – a community of professional guides. We are united by the Russian language, the undying interest in life and the love of history.

Find something special, your own, feel the rhythm of the city, hear its voice, read messages from the past on the ancient walls – we learn this every day, the profession of a guide in this sense is inexhaustible and multifaceted.

Our main incentive is you, with questions that are very unexpected and make us constantly improve.

Our task is to reveal the soul of our city to you, to make you want to come back here again and again. As each new day is not similar to the previous one, the city also changes every day. We live with him on the same wavelength, this is interesting, because we are really enthusiastic people and the main principle of our work is creativity. And together we make history with you... including the history of Tallinn.

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